National Youth Service Volunteer, Science Communication Division

Ms Boniswa Maka joined the Science Communication Division at the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) in July 2019 as a Volunteer under the DSI National Youth Service Programme. Ms Maka is part of a vibrant team that is responsible for the implementation of science engagement projects linked to the priority research areas. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of the Free State. Ms Maka is looking forward to bringing her knowledge and new ideas to the team and working with the team to learn and acquire new skills whilst at SAASTA.

The priority areas public engagement programmes, managed by SAASTA on behalf of DSI, include the Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Public Awareness, Demonstration and Education Platform, the Nanotechnology Public Engagement Programme and the Public Understanding of Biotechnology. The main aim of the priority areas public engagement programme is to promote credible, fact-based understanding of priority research areas through dialogue, education and engagement that will enable informed decision making on related technological innovations amongst local and international stakeholders. The programme also aim to entice learners and undergraduate students – the next generation scientists and engineers – to pursue science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation (STEMI) careers, especially those in the priority areas.