Experiencing Nano behind the scenes at UFS and Mintek facility tours

Members of the public had the opportunity to see nanotechnology in action during a tour of the facilities of two top-class South African research groups in this field of science. The tour’s aim was to bring nanotechnology closer to society, was arranged by the Nanotechnology Public Engagement Programme and SAASTA in collaboration with the University of the Free State (UFS), and Mintek’s Nanotechnology Innovation Centre (NIC).

Shoot and share your science with SA Science Lens competition

South Africa plays an important role in the ‘Hydrogen Economy’ in an effort to establish clean and reliable alternative energy sources. Hydrogen energy is being considered as one of the most plausible choices for alternative energy and as an energy-carrier, due to the abundance of elemental hydrogen on the planet.

Greater Solar Energy Harvesting with Nano Electronics

A variety of sources are available for energy collection in natural world. One of the available renewable energy resources is solar energy, which is by far the most abundant. More energy is provided to the Earth by sunlight radiation within one hour than is consumed yearly by the entire human civilisation across the world.

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